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Principal's Message


“A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with

—a man is what he makes of himself.”

Alexander Graham Bell


We live in a world that has achieved what would only be deemed a pipe dream a century ago.  With progress, we face many new challenges as well as possibilities never envisaged before.  Education thus plays a vital role in building up one’s mind as well as moulding one’s character.  At Cedar Primary School, we strive to achieve both through our mission.  In nurturing our Cedarians to become enthusiastic learners and responsible citizens, we embrace our responsibility to provide holistic education delivered in a caring environment for our charges.

To this end, we strive to provide our charges with programmes that stretch their academic potential as well as encourage them to be curious and venture forth to gain new knowledge for themselves.  To hone their higher order thinking abilities, we have designed our in-house programme focusing on Creative and Inventive Thinking to introduce our pupils to strategies to think out of the box and to tackle problems in innovative ways.

Equally important is the task of imparting values and lifeskills that will stand our Cedarians in good stead when they graduate from our school.  This is done formally through the curriculum in Social Studies, PE, Art, Music and CCE and also through school-wide initiatives such as our Values-in-Action Programme, our NE and Environmental Education initiatives.  By doing so, we hope to cultivate the leadership potential that we know exists in each and every one of our Cedarians as they learn to take charge of the responsibilities and even own and lead student-initiated projects.  Guided by our values of Courtesy, Care, Enthusiasm, Determination, Adaptability and Responsibility, we aim to help them appreciate the importance of making sound value-based decisions and serving the community as leaders with a conscience.

The role of our partners be it fellow educators, parents or the community cannot be under-estimated in our endeavours  and we will continue to look for and work with our partners to enrich the learning environment and opportunities for both staff and pupils at Cedar Primary School. 

I started off this message with a quote from Alexander Graham Bell, a renowned scientist and inventor – it speaks of the vast potential that lies in each of us to learn, contribute and leave a noteworthy legacy for the future generations.  We hope that the formative years our Cedarians spend with us will start them off on their journey to become individuals of substance and hopefully, legacy makers.

For Cedar and Cedarians.

Mrs Sara de Souza