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Creative Thinkers

In line with the Ministry of Education’s initiative of the Applied Learning Programme (ALP), we have developed our own Creative and Inventive Thinking (CIT) curriculum. All Cedarians undergo a 6-year CIT curriculum which enables them to approach academic matters and community issues with an idea-generation and problem-solving mindset.  In doing so, they learn to be resourceful, to think divergently, to empathise with others and to arrive at solutions that are sensible and practicable.

Our curriculum progressively exposes students to a range of CIT tools and equips them with key creative, problem-solving skills such as problem identification, idea generation and idea evaluation, whilst preparing our students to be critical and inventive thinkers who are ready to make positive contributions in the future. Some examples of CIT tools include 5W1H, brainstorming techniques, perspective taking, evaluation matrix and the CEDAR idea generator.

Students also get to tinker with recycled materials as well as LEGO blocks, Strawbees and Makedo to create novel and innovative prototypes. This experience helps our students to become more inquiry-oriented and confident.

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To promote and entrench our school’s ALP, workshops after curriculum hours have been conducted to engage both the parents and students. Central to the curriculum, The Tinkerer’s Lab, stocked with makers’ tools, was set up for students to tinker and create during their free time and after curriculum hours.

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In 2016, the Creativity Fest was introduced for students to share with their peers their ideas and prototypes that they have specially constructed to tackle authentic problems that they have encountered. The Pay It Forward initiative was also introduced to our graduating cohort with the aim of getting them to understand and appreciate the purpose of giving back to society by tapping on their creative ideas and their strengths.


Future Innovators’ Programme (FIP) Club

Future Innovators’ Programme (FIP) Club is a CCA established with the aim of stretching and enhancing our students’ problem solving capacity. Students, who have demonstrated interest and aptitude in this area, are invited to join the club which is the second tier of our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) on Creative and Inventive Thinking (CIT).

In the FIP Club, students learn advanced thinking skills and are mentored for various creative competitions such as the Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA), Future Problem Solving Programme (FPSP) and the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award (TKKYIA). 

Holiday programmes are also specially arranged to engage these selected students in a variety of hands-on activities to further sharpen their creative thinking and tinkering skills. The junior members’ leadership skills are also sharpened and honed by the senior members who are tasked to assist to facilitate in the holiday programme for their juniors.




- Sony Creative Science Award organised by Science Centre Singapore
Merit Award in the Whizkid category
3rd Place in the ScizKid category
Blue Ribbon Award for teacher-in-charge, Ms Natalie Chan

- Silver Award for “Innovation Award” competition organised by Chong Zheng Primary School.

- Sony Creative Science Award organised by Science Centre Singapore ·                    
  • Merit Award in the Whizkid category x 2 ·                    
  • Blue Ribbon Award for teacher-in-charge, Ms Natalie Chan                
  • Blue Ribbon Award for mentoring teacher, Ms Ng Chun Hui              
  • School award (most number of shortlisted entries)          
- Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award (Top 27 National)            
- Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award (Top 7 National – Commendation Award)