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Principal's Message

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Principal’s Message 2022

It is with much enthusiasm, warmth and hope that we welcome you to the year 2022. We are confident that with a good character, a positive attitude towards learning, sustained effort and a resilient mindset, our students will continue to scale greater heights with us. I know that my work here will continue to be a deeply meaningful one because of the support from students, teachers, staff, parents and partners. Let us continue to work together to enable our shared belief, identity and aspirations for Cedar Primary to take deeper roots in the hearts of Cedarians and help us transit smoothly towards Covid resilience as a nation.

Our School Motto - Our Belief

Our school motto, Effort Determines Success, encapsulates our belief that, when given equal opportunities, all of us can succeed with determination and hard work. Success is not dependent solely on the abilities or brains we are born with, because we can develop these abilities with the right attitude and effort. This belief compels us to continuously improve and innovate in the things we do.

Our School Values - Our Identity

Our values define us. They tell others who we are. In Cedar Primary, Cedarians learn to uphold the school values of Kindness, Integrity, Resilience, Responsibility and Creativity. They are kind and compassionate, helping others without asking for anything in return. They are honest and choose to do what is right even when no one is watching. They persevere in the face of challenges and put in effort to work towards their goals. They think before they act and take pride in doing their best. They are eager to learn new things and try out new ideas, turning new ideas into reality. Cedarians have a positive influence on the local community and through their collective effort, contribute to the development of a gracious and inclusive society.

Our School Mission - Our Purpose

Our mission defines our purpose as a school. We want to build a safe and positive environment where we can uplift all Cedarians to reach their potential. We will nurture minds by imparting knowledge, developing competencies and dispositions so that our students enjoy learning and become lifelong learners. We will imbue values, foster attitudes and confidence that empower Cedarians to connect with our community and make a positive difference to it. We exist, as a school, because we are driven by our mission: Nurturing Minds. Inspiring Hearts. Empowering Lives.

Our School Vision - Our Aspirations

The school vision: Joyful Learners, Responsible Citizens and Creative Leaders in a Connected Community is our collective expression of the school’s aspirations for Cedarians: students and staff. We aspire to empower Cedarians to find joy in learning, in school or at home, through self-directed or collaborative ways. We aspire to nurture them to be principles-centred persons driven by a sense of responsibility to serve and lead. We aspire to enable Cedarians to lead creatively: always seeking righteous and innovative ways to improve the lives of those around them and in so doing, contribute to the building of a positive and connected community.

Our Commitment, Your Partnership

Our vision, mission, values and motto also represent our staff’s and teachers’ commitment to continue to learn and pass on the joy of learning to our students. They call upon us to lead and care for the students that we teach. They ask that we work harmoniously to bring out the best in our students and inspire them through our actions.

For parents, we ask that you continue to partner us in our journey towards fulfilling the school vision. Build this partnership based on mutual trust and respect; have confidence in the professionalism of our teachers and staff. We welcome feedback and ask that we both be receptive to the feedback that we will have for each other. Our objectives are the same: we both want the best for your children, our students. We must help each other grow so that we become better parents and educators respectively.

For the Students

For each and every Cedarian, you recite the national pledge with your hand over your heart every day. Remember that between your hand and your heart is the school crest that represents our vision, mission and values, and bears our school motto: Effort Determines Success. Each day, you pledge upon this school crest, holding it close to your heart. We hope that you think about how to live these values and fulfil our school vision. Every kind, righteous, resilient, responsible and creative effort, no matter how small, counts. With practice, the day will come when you can follow your hearts’ desires without going against what is right. Your teachers are here to help you grow. Choose to let them nurture you. Listen to and let them guide you towards successes.


In the words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.” We will humbly remember that our successes are a result of the efforts we repeatedly put into what we do. Let us continue to strive for successes in 2022, in the big and little things we do every single day, for the students and community we have been called to serve. Have a meaningful and enriching 2022!

Thank you!

Mr Chua Choon Hock (Chris)