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Principal's Message


At Cedar Primary School, we draw inspiration from The Apple Story.  The essence of the story is the realisation that there is a ‘star’ in every apple.  This star comes about through careful cultivation and nurturing and possesses the potential to produce more ‘stars’ and hence has the capability to perpetuate a virtuous cycle.  The Apple Story is not only accessible to our Cedarians but serves as a goal for us to work towards – discovering and nurturing the star in every Cedarian.

Over the years, we have worked out a range of programmes and opportunities to realise the different stars waiting to be discovered in our Cedarians.  Just as every apple is unique, so are every one of our students and hence they are exposed to curriculum offerings that seek to groom them to become:

  • Effective Communicators, who are able to convey their points of view with clarity and with conviction\
  • Creative Thinkers, who are able to think out of the box and arrive at solutions that benefit the community
  • Active Contributors, who are able to tap on personal as well collective skills and abilities for the betterment and well-being of the community
  • Upstanding Leaders, who practise values-based leadership
The choice of offerings is acknowledgement of the diverse opportunities that await our Cedarians when they leave school.  Increasingly, the ability to arrive at sound and even innovative solutions, succinctly conveyed distinguishes an individual.  But doing so with the well-being of others as the motivation for one’s choices ensures that the same individual stays grounded and is a community builder.

While the aforementioned offerings have enabled us to discover more stars, we are not constrained by the former.  Through our Talent Management initiative, we have tried our best, where resources allow, to provide platforms for exposure and experience to talented individuals in areas not formally offered by the school.  We are thus happy to see our Cedarians grow in confidence and develop the willingness to go beyond their comfort zone in other aspects of their school life.
I end with the following quote that is attributed to Aristotle:Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.We strive to do both through our programmes and aim to enable our Cedarians to graduate from our school with a better understanding of their strengths and abilities, armed with the courage to stand up for what is right.  

For Cedar and Cedarians! 

Mrs Sara de Souza