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School Vision

Joyful Learners, Responsible Citizens, Creative Leaders
in a Connected Community

As Cedarians, we strive to be

Joyful Learners: Engaged and Self-directed learners in a positive and safe environment. 

We are eager to learn and look forward to coming to school. We enjoy learning and participate enthusiastically in school activities. We have an inquisitive mindset and are constantly asking questions and doing research to find out more. We possess a growth mindset, a belief that everyone can learn through effort, good strategies and constructive feedback. We embrace lifelong learning and have the skills to learn independently. We co-create a positive and safe environment where we can pursue our interests and passion. 

Responsible Citizens: Citizens who demonstrate kindness, integrity, resilience and responsibility; and contribute to the community and nation. 

We demonstrate the school values of Kindness, Integrity, Resilience and Responsibility by our words and deeds. We are kind towards people, animals and the environment. We are compassionate and help others in need. We choose to do what is morally right even when no one is watching. We persevere in the face of challenges. We are self-disciplined and dependable. We do our part to serve the community and country, making a difference to the lives we touch.

Creative Leaders: Leaders who lead and collaborate to innovate and solve challenges to benefit the community. 

We are role models in leading innovation. We are reflective.  We always explore ways to improve ourselves and in what we do. We have the courage to innovate and solve challenges using different approaches. We partner others to make improvements and develop innovations. We ensure our innovation will benefit the community.

A Connected Community: We work collaboratively, and build a caring and inclusive community. 

We work collaboratively towards our common vision. We embrace diversity and tap on everyone's strengths, abilities and skills. We have a positive influence on the community we are in and through our collective efforts, contribute to the development of a caring and inclusive community. 
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