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Sports & Health Carnival

In Cedar Primary School, we believe that athletics has many benefits to offer to our students: simple, low cost, exciting, inclusive, yet challenging. Athletics is just as relevant to the child running, jumping and throwing in the playground, as it is to the Olympic medal-winning hero. The simple actions of running, walking, jumping and throwing, form the basis of all sports and we take great pride in promoting athletics.

The aim of the Sports and Health Carnival is in line with our School Motto, Effort Determine Success. Besides having a winning mind-set, students are challenge to cultivate the willingness to do their best. Thus, throughout the period of preparation for the Sports and Health Carnival, every student practises resiliently to prepare themselves during their PE lessons and House Practices regardless of their roles for the event.

The focus of the Sports and Health Carnival is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well.

As part of our effort to promote mass participation, we ensure that all students are given opportunities to experience running and speed, jumping for height and distance, and throwing for distance during PE Lessons. During their PE lessons, students develop greater self-awareness as they grow to understand how fast they run, how far or high they jump and how far they throw. As we look at maximising participation and celebrating efforts, students are allowed to take part in only one of the following events, either an individual or a team event.

Levels Events

Primary 1 and 2

Individual event: 50m
Team event: 4 x 25m

Primary 3 and 4

Individual event: 80m
Team event: 4 x 50m

Primary 5 and 6

Individual event: 100m, 200m
Team event: 8 x 50m