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Go for Hope, Health & Harmony

Our Go For Hope, Health and Harmony (GH3) programme encourages our students and staff to exercise for Hope, Health and Harmony.
  • HOPE represents Helping Others with Passion and Empathy as we partner our community partner to raise funds for the Rice, Oils, Sugar and Essentials (ROSE) Programme
  • Health is how we promote mass participation in physical activities to keep Cedarians active and healthy through the GH3 Challenge.
  • Harmony is the focus in promoting cohesion, between students and teachers to build stronger bond as a school community and to foster a sense of affiliation to their classes, House and school.

GH3 Survivor Challenge

The theme for the GH3 programme this year is the GH3 Survivor Challenge. During the opening assembly, students were urged to take on the different challenges in conquering the different mountains around the world. They do this by participating in static exercises as well as jog/walk programme conducted in the school. We also encouraged students to display qualities that are aligned with the school values such as Resilience, Integrity, Responsibility and Kindness. 5 badges (Bukit Timah, Mount Ophir, Mount Fuji, Mount Kinabalu and Mount Everest) have been designed as achievement milestones to motivate students to reach their goals.

ROSE Programme

As part of our objectives to celebrate Hope with others, our school has partnered Potong Pasir Community Club once again in the Rice, Oils, Sugar and Essentials (ROSE) programme. Parents/guardians have made pledges to raise funds for the ROSE programme, at the same time encouraging their children/wards to reach their goals. Three Sundays have been set aside as an opportunity for parent-child bonding while they help out physically in the delivery of the basic living necessities to the households, impacting the communities around our neighbourhood.