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Character & Development Camp

Leadership and Character Development Camp

The P5 Leadership and Character Development Camp is an excellent authentic platform for students to demonstrate leadership qualities, apply conflict management strategies and organisational processes. Through this camp, we hope that students will learn and emulate some of the positive traits and experiences, and apply them in their daily activities.

The camp also seeks to foster a spirit of camaraderie and friendship among the students. In this camp, students are grouped with peers of a different gender and races, thus allowing them to learn to respect diversity and show care and responsibility towards their peers. This camp is also a culmination of the students’ exposure to the Outdoor Education (OE) through their PE lessons. The on-going OE lessons provide the knowledge and experience that students need to hone their leadership knowledge, skills and attitudes through team building and problem-solving activities.

Throughout the camp, the form and subject teachers will be around to learn more about their students and build better rapport with them. They will also develop a consistent language that could be used back in class in their daily lessons. This will enhance the learning environment and experience of the students after the camp.