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Healthy Meals in School Programme

The school has implemented the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme (HMSP) since 2016 to build a supportive environment to promote healthy eating among the students. This programme encourages the sale of healthier food and beverage in our school canteen.

The programme provides schools with a set of food service guidelines that aim to
  • reduce the amount of fat, salt and sugar in food preparation
  • encourage the consumption of fruit and vegetables, and wholegrains
  • develop the habit of eating balanced meal through the sale of set meals (see my healthy plate below).
To grow healthily, students need the nutritious benefits from the consumption of healthier and balanced meals. The programme supports increased consumption of wholegrains, fruits and vegetables while reducing saturated fat, sugar and salt in school meals. The healthier eating habits inculcated from young in the school setting will help them make healthier choices outside of school and later in life.

My Healthy Plate.png

In addition having healthier meals in schools, students are also educated on healthy eating, amongst other health topics, during their Physical and Health Education lessons. In these lessons, information on the importance of the different food groups is shared. Students get to learn about food groups such as wholegrains, fruits and vegetables which are rich in dietary fibre and important vitamins and minerals. They also learn that an increased intake of these nutritious food is linked to reduced risks of many diseases (e.g. heart disease, stroke and certain cancers) for a child, both now and in the future.