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School Crest

School Crest.png

School Colours

  • Blue is the colour of the sky and sea, which are infinite open spaces, representing boundless opportunities for all Cedarians to explore our talents, interests and imagination.
  • White is the colour of goodness and purity, reminding all Cedarians to always think, speak and act with kind intents.

The shield symbolises the school’s safe environment in which all Cedarians can learn and play.

The 5 stars represent the school values of Kindness, Integrity, Resilience, Responsibility and Creativity.

The CP tree in the form of the infinity sign emphasises our belief that every Cedarian has infinite potential to grow and become better every day.

Scroll-like Banner
  • The banner, located near the base of the crest, stands for our belief that learning is the foundation for Cedarians’ growth.
  • The scroll depicts our ideal that every Cedarian enjoys learning and expanding their knowledge about the world.