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School Philosophy and Directions

School Vision
Every Cedarian a Lifelong Learner, a Person of Character

School Mission
Nurturing Enthusiastic Learners and Responsible Citizens 

The school aspires to groom every Cedarian into individuals with robust character, rooted in values. Every Cedarian also understands that learning never stops. Each of them loves learning and will pursue continuous learning throughout his/her life.
We are committed to developing Cedarians into individuals who take ownership of their learning and participate actively in lessons. 

Our CEDAR Values:
  • Courtesy 
  • Care
  • Enthusiasm
  • Determination
  • Adaptability
  • Responsibility

Talent Management
The school’s talent management model aims to recognise, identify, develop and hone the academic and non-academic talents of our students. In so doing, the school strives to help our students build confidence and cultivate a drive to succeed. Cultivating students’ proficiency in their respective domains of talents adds value to their overall 6-year primary school education.

Effective Communicators
Aligned with MOE’s 21st CC, one of the school’s strategic goals is to develop Cedarians who are able to think independently and critically, and communicate effectively. Our in-house Effective Communication curriculum aims to develop students’ ability to communicate effectively both in writing and speaking, and to exercise sound reasoning, decision-making and metacognition.  

Creative Thinkers
The school’s Applied Learning Programme is on Creative and Inventive Thinking (CIT). Through this 6-year programme, we aim to develop and enhance our students’ learning attitude and thinking skills, particularly in the areas of creativity and critical thinking while honing their capacity for higher-order thinking and equipping them with a problem-solving mind-set. Students who demonstrated interest and aptitude are invited to join our Future Innovators’ Programme where they are given opportunities to further enhance their thinking skills at platforms beyond the school.

Upstanding Leaders
Our student leaders are called “Upstanding Leaders”- “upstanding” because they metaphorically and literally stand up for and advocate what is right; “leaders” because we believe that with training, all our students are able to awaken and realise their leadership potential. We aim to strengthen the moral fibre in our students by teaching them not only to be model students but also to be role models for others in both word and action.  

Active Contributors
The various platforms in CCE and students’ programmes aim to equip students with the abilities and skills to contribute positively to school initiatives such as VIA, Environmental Education programmes and Student Suggestion Scheme. Through these initiatives, we hope to strengthen the students’ social awareness by increasing their knowledge of community issues, needs, strengths, problems and resources which will help them to develop understanding of the wider community.