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Vision and Mission

In Cedar Primary School, we aim to develop, reinforce and extend language acquisition and mastery through enjoyment of the language, promotion of extensive reading; and leveraging oracy, reading and writing skills to develop knowledge and independent use of the language.

Guided by the English Language Syllabus, we also incorporate experiential learning and Making Thinking Visible routines into the curriculum through various learning activities and opportunities.

Curriculum and Programmes

STELLAR:  STrategies for English  Language  Learning  And  Reading  

The STELLAR Vision 
Children who love reading and have a strong foundation in the English Language   STELLAR aims to strengthen children’s language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attitude towards learning in the foundational years. The programme uses research-based teaching strategies and age-appropriate materials to engage children in the learning of English. 

Lower Primary Strategies

Lower Primary Strategies.png

Upper Primary Strategies

Upper Primary Strategies.png

School-based Curriculum and Programmes

Journal Writing
Elementary writing skills are essential to building a solid educational foundation in children. To help reinforce the habit of regular writing, the school encourages weekly journal writing. It helps to reinforce writing in a fun way. It also helps to deepen thinking, especially among the older students.

Little Red Dot
To equip the upper primary students with essential knowledge on current affairs, heritage, culture and education landscape, the school subscribes to this weekly publication. In each Tuesday edition are learning resources pegged to the news, which offer simple explanations of current affairs to young readers.

Structured Reading Programme
Besides visits to the school’s Media Resource Library, students are exposed to a rich selection of books from the Storyworlds collection which is made up of graded fiction and non-fiction books. Students also get to complete a differentiated worksheet depending on their abilities.

Support Progammes:
To provide additional support for our students who are weak in their basic literacy and reading skills, the school runs the following programmes: 
    a)    Learning Support Programme (LSP) for Primary 1 & 2
    b)    Extensive Reading Programme (ERP) for Primary 2
    c)    STELLAR Supplementary Programme (SSP) for Primary 2
    d)    Reading Remediation Programme (RRP) for Primary 3 & 4
    e)    School-based Reading Remediation Programme (SDR) for Primary 3 & 4
    f)    Banded Remediation for upper primary

The content and instructional methods are catered to these students and helmed by teachers who are trained to conduct these specialised programmes. Due to their small class sizes, the students receive more attention and help from their teachers, enabling them to learn better, boosting their confidence in the process.

Other Programmes / Activities
  • Poetry Recitation for Primary 1
  • Readers’ Theatrre for Primary 2
  • Collaborations with National Library Board
  • Pre-assembly and Assembly Programmes
  • Internal & External Competitions