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COVID-19 Vaccination Exercise for Students

PG Message 1 posted on 31 May 2021: 

COVID-19 Vaccination Exercise for Students in Schools and Institutes of Higher Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians,

MOE is commencing COVID-19 vaccination for students in schools and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) as part of the national vaccination exercise. Parents/guardians of all eligible students aged 12 and above as at 1 June 2021 will receive the SMS invites over the next two weeks to schedule students’ vaccination appointments. Students whose 12th birthday fall after 1 June 2021 will be invited for vaccination at a later date. Parental/guardian consent is required for students below the age of 18 when booking vaccination appointment slots via the National Appointment System. Parents/guardians of children aged 12 and children in SPED schools are required to accompany their child/ward for the vaccination.

While the COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory, we would like to encourage all medically eligible students to be vaccinated when the vaccine is made available to them and to register for a vaccination slot early. Do consult your child’s/ward’s doctor if your child/ward has underlying medical conditions that might affect their medical eligibility. You may read the attached Parent Kit and Info Sheet or click on the link to the Press Release for more information.

MOE will be organising webinars on 1 June (5pm– 6pm) and 3 June (12pm – 1 pm) to address questions you may have regarding the vaccination exercise for students. The webinars will feature an MOH medical expert and MOE representatives. The webinar link is attached below. You may share your questions with us before the webinars via the link to the survey form. Due to the limited capacity of the webinars (3000pax), attendees will be admitted on a first-come first-served basis. Video snippets from the webinar will be uploaded online after the sessions.

Thank you.

MOE Press Release

Zoom Webinar (Password: MOEVac)

Survey on Student Vaccination

Additional information

Why vaccinate your child

Vaccination for students Infographic

Vaccination Guide.jpeg


PG Message 2 posted on 5 Jun 2021: 

Assistance for Vaccination Appointments for P6, S1-3, JC1, PU1-2 Students:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

 You would have received the SMS with the unique booking link for your child/ward’s COVID-19 vaccination appointments <for P6 only: If your child had turned 12 as of 1 Jun>. Please log in with your child’s NRIC, and book as soon in order to secure appointments on your preferred dates before the slots are opened to other groups. Please note that this link is unique to your child. If you have not received the SMS, please check if it was sent to your spouse. If both parents did not receive the SMS, please complete the FormSG and the SMS invite will be sent by 11 June.

 <for P6 only: If your child is turning 12 between 2 to 7 June>, the SMS invite would only be sent by 8 June.

 For parents without local handphone number, a letter of authorization and a signed hard copy medical declaration can be issued to a Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident (e.g. family member) who can make the registration appointment on your behalf. The parents remain responsible for filling in the consent and medical declaration form. The authorised individuals will then complete the FormSG to submit their contact number. The student should bring along a copy of the signed authorisation and declaration forms on the day of the vaccination.

 We would also like to inform you that when your child arrives at the vaccination centre, there will be a detailed set of screening questions to be answered by your child as part of the screening process. We are enclosing a copy of this form for your reference, and also for you to explain to your child regarding the information required at the vaccination centre. Also, please try to be contactable on your handphone during the expected appointment time of your childat the vaccination centre, should there be a need for the vaccination centre staff to call you to verify any of the information.

Thank you.

Non-receipt of SMS Invites for Students