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About Us

MK @ Cedar is located within Cedar Primary School.

MK Curriculum and Programmes focus on:

  • Holistic development.
  • Integrated and active learning.
  • Learning through purposeful play and quality interactions.
  • Developing confidence and social skills.
  • Building a good foundation in literacy and numeracy.
  • Nurturing bilingualism through learning activities in both English and Mother Tongue Languages (i.e. Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages).

Centre Based Programme

MK Reads! Pilot Programme

MK Reads! aims to promote shared reading between parents and children at home. According to findings, a better home literacy environment helps your child to acquire a strong foundation in language and literacy skills. Shared reading, i.e. reading with your child, is an important component of home literacy environments.

There are three key components of MK Reads!

1.    Books – At the end of the week during the term, children will bring home a EL or MTL book to enjoy the book together with their parents, and return the book promptly the following Monday.

2.    Reading record, tips and strategies – After reading the book together, parents will fill in a reading record with their child. Periodically, some tips and strategies are shared with parents to support engagement in the shared reading sessions with their child.

3.    Videos and infographics – MOE also prepares videos and infographics with tips and strategies to support shared reading at home.

Fun Values!


Children will be able to recognise and understand values to build a healthy self-esteem and interact positively with others.

Kindness Achievement.png

Kindness Achievement

        Understanding about the values of                           kindness through puppetry.

     “Little Hugger” – craft that symbolizes          hugging for children to gift to a family                  member whom they love.

     Reading books and identifying types                  of “Love languages”.
   Demonstrating ‘familial values’ through craft.

    Learning Values of ‘Love’ & ‘Respect’                            through songs.

More Information

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Information on Registration

Please note that the Registration Exercise is fully online. Do click on the link below for more information on the procedures, eligibility and documents required.