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Pupil Management

One of the school’s main approaches is to provide a positive tone of care and discipline.  The school educates pupils on safety and behavioural matters through briefings during Form Teacher Time, the Opening Weeks programme, Grade-Level Assemblies, CCE Assemblies and whole-school assemblies.  Teachers also meet weekly to discuss pupil cases among their grade level, and intervene and counsel where necessary.

As efforts to instil self-discipline and to develop Upstanding Cedarians, we encourage all students to exercise self-discipline.  Cedarians are constantly reminded of the school’s values as they reflect on their own behaviour. Some of the daily phrases include “Right Place, Right Time, Right Action” and “Stop, Think, Act”.

Disciplinary issues are handled within a 3-tiered disciplinary framework.  For more information on School Rules and Consequences, please refer to the Pupil’s Handbook.