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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an integral part of the school experience at Cedar Primary School, seeking to nurture interests, develop talent and cultivate a zest for life. CCAs are also part of the holistic, well-rounded education that we seek to provide for our pupils.  They also provide a valuable platform for the development of character and cultivation of friendships, thus nurturing Courteous, Caring, Enthusiastic, Determined, Adaptable and Responsible Cedarians.

CCA provide an avenue for pupils to pursue their areas of interest and passion and to develop their talent to the fullest. CCAs also fuel in our pupils a lifelong love for a particular activity, be it a sport or a musical pursuit. This helps the pupil to lead a balanced life in adulthood. All CCA emphasize social interaction but each CCA has its specific objectives. Pupils who demonstrate a high level of attainment in their CCA may be selected to represent the school in competitions and performances.

The Sports CCA develop robustness, fair play and team spirit in pupils. Adventure Club CCA aims to make good citizens of pupils by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. The Performing Arts CCA instill in pupils a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society. Besides the inculcation of values, Inventiveness CCA also imbue in our pupils an entrepreneurial spirit, a risk-taking attitude and an appreciation for aesthetics, all of which are necessary for the holistic development of an individual. As a whole, CCAs provide great opportunities to develop leadership qualities in Cedarians which can be translated into their daily lives.

In 2017, our school is offering 12 CCAs in 3 categories, namely The Arts, Sports and Outdoor Education; and Inventiveness. P3 to P6 pupils are strongly encouraged to take up one CCA. P1 and P2 pupils are welcome to join in the fun as well!

Cedar’s Curriculum Map for PE




The Arts

Infocomm Club

Future Innovators Programme**

Robotics Club


Adventure Club



Sports Club

Brass Band

Creative Dance

Student Artists

**Membership for these CCAs is solely by invitation.


CCA Talent Management Model

The Cedar Talent Management Model promises that all talents are given enough opportunities and platforms for them to grow in talent and character. We promise to identify talents and track them throughout their Primary School Experience.


CCA Staff Allocation

The Arts

Brass Band

Creative Dance

Student Artists

Ms Cindy Chan Xinyi

Mdm Wee Pei Wen

Ms Vanitha Gunasekaran

Mdm Nurain Md Salleh

Mdm Nazira Abdullah

Mrs Siva Durai

Mr Mahadi Ramli

Mdm Christina Loo


Sports and Outdoor Education

Adventure Club

Sports Club



Mr Daryl Sung

Mr Yeo Teow Hiang

Mr Rizal Aziz

Mr Jason Lee

Mr Rizal Aziz

Mr Daryl Sung

Mr Daryl Tan

Ms Noor Kamariah

Mr Daryl Sung

Mr Rizal Aziz



InfoComm Club

Future Innovators’ Programme


Mr Nicholas Tan

Mdm Eileen Soh

Mr Sim Eak Bian

Ms Chan Liying Natalie

Mdm Zulia Said

Mr Quek Kim Chwee

Mdm Durrah Ahmad

Ms Yeo Si Min

Mr Naufal Haji Ariffin

Mdm Tse Wai Ying


Mr Ilyas Hakim

Mr Jabbar Jaffar

School’s Policy on CCA

This Policy aims to clearly explain to staff, parents, pupils and coaches/trainers on the guidelines that help the school to run all its CCAs. With this policy, we hope that stakeholders would be clear on the systematic approach that the school is taking to ensure that every pupil will be catered to and possibly recognized. We also hope that this policy will help the CCA teachers to fully developed Cedarians, both in the area of achievement as well as in holistic development of the child.

CCA Policy:

i.              All CCAs are classified as school activities and therefore pupils are strongly encouraged to participate in at least 1 CCA. The school will be responsible for the child/ward and will ensure an official consent is given before conducting the activities. All CCA activities will have a proper schedule given. When activities are conducted outside the schedule an official consent form from the school will be given. The consent form will be signed and returned to the CCA teacher in charge promptly within the stipulated date.

ii.             If for any case, the pupil is unable to make it for the CCA, a written letter, medical certificate or note will be given to the teacher in charge upon the return of the pupil, explaining his/her absence.

iii.            CCAs will be conducted on Mondays – Wednesdays after the supplementary / remedial lessons. CCAs with competitions / performances may need to have more training sessions on Thursdays and Fridays. Parents’ will receive a letter, informing them of the CCA schedule, via the respective CCA OICs at the start of the school year.

iv.           All pupils from P3 to P6 are strongly encouraged to be a member of at least one CCA or up to a                 maximum of two. P1 and P2 pupils are encouraged to join a CCA.

v.            All pupils are required to fulfill the roles and requirements and abide by the rules and regulations of the CCA. All pupils must have at least 85% attendance annually in order to be considered as a member of a CCA. Pupils’ attendance is part of the criteria for consideration of awards such as the EAGLES award.

vi.           Pupils will be required to fulfill the required number sessions as stipulated by the CCA. Pupils are not allowed to change CCA within the same academic year. Certain CCAs, due to the nature of its competition, will require a 2-year membership. Pupils who fail to meet the requirement of the CCA will not be considered as a member of a CCA or any other awards.

vii.          The school has a right to remove the child from the CCA due to misconduct or absenteeism. Pupils are not allowed to change from one CCA to another without informing the School’s CCA Co-Ordinator. The CCA Co-Ordinator will follow up with a phone call to the parents of affected pupils within 3 working days.

viii.         Most of the CCAs are funded directly by the school. However, some CCAs may require payment from pupils. Pupils will have the option of paying cash or using their Edusave funds.’

ix.           Parents are invited to support their child during his/her competition/performance. Parents are to be reminded that all decisions made by the official of the competition/performance are final and please approach the CCA teacher-in-           charge if there is any queries/disagreement.

x.            Pupils will be given a record of their CCA participation and achievement at the end Primary Six which can be used as a reference for admission into schools, colleges and        universities. These records will also be used to determine eligibility of pupils for both school and MOE awards such as the EAGLES award.

xi.           To provide our pupils with variety, the school uses the Sports Education Programme Fund to conduct activities that are not offered by the school. Please note that a co-payment is required from pupils. Pupils will have the option of paying cash or using their Edusave funds.

xii.          As our effort to recognise our pupils’ talents, the school will gather information from parents regarding their children’s involvement in Extra Curricular Activities. This information will be recorded in our system and will be feature in the school leaving testimonial at the end of Primary 6.

xiii.         Placement of Pupils in CCAs

      1.            Interest

Pupils will be given a chance to enroll in CCAs of their choice during CCA Orientation Day. Pupils will be given 3 choices. We will try our best to assign pupils to their first choice CCA.

      2.            Availability

Pupils who are not able to be placed in their first choice will be placed in their second or third choice CCA.

      3.            Talent and Ability

For CCAs that are oversubscribed, pupils are required to attend a trial session. Successful pupils will be enrolled.