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The Arts Education at Cedar Primary School focuses on creating a vibrant and enriching aesthetics culture through providing a broad-based arts experience for our pupils. The programmes planned seek to enrich the arts curriculum that promotes creativity, discovery learning and expression and nurtures lifelong love and appreciation of the arts in our pupils. The programmes are customized with the aim to provide a strong fundamental Arts Education by equipping our pupils with the relevant expertise and experience.  More importantly, it aims to ensure that our pupils fully enjoy the learning process.  

Pupils who exhibit aptitude and potential to be further developed are identified and placed in the Arts CCAs and/or fielded for performances and competitions.

We believe that these are important avenues to bolster our pupils’ self-esteem, develop and sustain their interest in the Arts, instill independence and bring out their potential. 

Key Programmes

Visual Arts
With the aim to develop pupils' visual literacy and their ability to appreciate art, Cedar's art programme takes on a progressive and developmental approach.  It entails the children’s learning about art vocabulary, art making, art appreciation, art history and digital art. Pupils progressively acquire knowledge and skills in art making and art discussion from Primary One to Primary Six.  With visual arts, our pupils are able to observe and understand and make meaning in what they see. They are also able to communicate their ideas by using and creating visuals. This helps them to relate the value and recognise the relevance of art in daily lives.



With the aim to promote creativity and innovation, enrichment programs are integrated into the music curriculum. These include the vocal, instrumental, music and movement and dance education. To enrich our pupils’ social, cultural and historical awareness, we provide them with opportunities to express themselves and develop an appreciation of the local multi-cultural heritage and global culture.


Authentic Art Experiences to further nurture lifelong love and appreciation of the Arts


Opportunities and Platforms for Talent Showcase 2015

  • Student Artist, participation in the SYF Visual Art Presentation Participation
  • Student Artist, participation in the External Recycling Art Competition
  • Student Artist, participation in the HMPS-UNAS Visual Art Drawing Competition‘Protecting our Env; Our Future Together’
  • Learning Carnival Performances/ Art Exhibition P1 – 6
  • Pupils’ Talent Quest on Children’s Day
  • Creative Dance, Cedar 30th Anniversary Celebrations – Indian Contemporary and Hip Hop
  • Creative Dance, Potong Pasir National Day Celebrations performance
  • Creative Dance, South East Clean and Green SG 50 performance
  • Brass Band Performance at One KM
  • Performance at the Thye Hwa Kuan Senior Activity Centre at Macpherson

Achievements 2015

SYF Arts Presentation 2015
Certificate of Participation – Student Artist CCA

Opportunities and Platforms for Talent Showcase 2016

  • Colouring Competition P1 - 2
  • Learning Carnival Performances Talent Quest/ Art Exhibition P1 – 6
  • Instrumental Ensemble (Angklung, Xylophones, Choral) Performance on National Day P3, P4 CPS National Day Art Competition ‘Tomorrow’s Here Today’ P1 – 6
  • Mini Exhibition of Prize Winners on National Day week
  • National Day Performance 2016

  • Cyberwellness Competition integrating Code for Fun P 4 – 6aespro7.jpg
  • SYF 2016 Theme Motif Design Contest organised by Arts Education Branch, MOE
  • SYF Arts Presentation, Brass Band
  • SYF Arts Presentation, Creative Dance - Contemporary Dance
  • SYF Dance Performance, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
  • Learning Journey to the SAM - Singapore Art Museum, Student Artist
  • Instrumental Ensemble Music Performances on National Day Celebration
  • CPS Superstar in conjunction with Children’s Day Celebration - Singing and Dance Category P3 - 5
  • Participated in the 'Draw aespro8.jpgMy Stamp Story' pilot project organised by the Singapore Philatelic Museum Participated in the HMPS-UNAS Visual Art Drawing Competition, ‘Protecting our Environment; Our Future Together’
  • National achievement Singapore International Band Festival BRONZE award
  • Annual Artist of the Class, P1 - 6
  • CCA Appreciation Day – Performed by CPS Superstar Champion, Singing and Dance Categories
  • Grade Level Award Presentation, P1 and P2 Dancesports performance
  • Grade Level Award Presentation, Brass Band Performance
  • Grade Level Award Presentation, Instrumental Ensemble, P4
  • Creative Dance Performance
  • PALs Appreciation, 2nd & 3rd in position CPS Superstar Singing with Guitar Accompaniment 

  • Violin Performance
  • Cedar Celebrates, Brass Band and Creative Dance Performance

Achievements 2016

SYF Arts Presentation 2016

Certificate of Accomplishment - Brass Band

Certificate of Accomplishment - Contemporary Dance BRONZE award, National achievement Singapore International Band Festival 

We were one of the five schools in Singapore who took part in the 'Draw My Stamp Story' pilot project organised by the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Out of the 48 entries we had submitted, we were proud and happy to announce that 14 of our pupils’ artwork were shortlisted and put up on display for the public to view at The Plaza, National Library on the 19, 20 and 21 Aug, in conjunction with the NSCC Prize Presentation 2016 Event.



The Aesthetics department introduced the Cedar Superstar event in conjunction with Children’s Day Celebration.  It aimed to provide a new and exciting platform for our pupils to showcase their hidden and budding talents and to nurture the spirit of creativity in the performing arts. There were two categories for the event, the singing and dance categories. The contestants selected from the auditions prepared themselves for the final competition.  It was also a tough fight for the Cedar Superstar finalists as the pupils in the singing and dance category put up a strong performance to impress the judges and the audience. 


National Day Art Competition 2016

Opportunities and Platforms for Talent Showcase 2017
  • Participated in the SYF Arts Presentation Category A, B and C
  • My Army Idol, Art Competition
  • ‘ASPIRATIONS’ Art Exhibition at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre

Achievement 2017 

SYF Arts Presentation 2017

In celebration of the diverse art talents of our youths, the school participated in all the three categories of this year’s SYF Art Exhibition.  We are
proud  and happy to announce that, two of our pupils’ artwork will be exhibited at the Ministry of Education lobby or the National Gallery Singapore (former Supreme Court Building) for one year. 

Category A – GARDENS BY THE BAY (Certificate of Recognition)

“Colours are what we see in our everyday life.
Without colours, the world will not be an interesting place to live in.
We like to be at the Gardens by the Bay.
We see different kinds of colours there:
warm, cool and complimentary.
They are symbolic of our feelings.”     
Category B – CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS AT CHINATOWN (Certificate of Participation)

“Chinese New Year at Chinatown is truly exciting. 
We see the lion and dragon dance and there are firecrackers too. 
We love the lanterns, the joyous festive mood and of course saying ‘Happy New Year’ to our grandparents with two oranges to wish them good health and happiness."


Category C – MISSING ‘SADAO’ – THE VILLAGE OF THAILAND (Certificate of Recognition)

‘Sadao’, a small village in Thailand, surrounded by mountains and trees. My mother and I would buy things from the market to offer our prayers at the temple located at the top of the mountain.  I will make a trip to ‘Sadao’ after I have completed my studies in Singapore.”


We were pleased to participate in the National Art Exhibition themed ‘ASPIRATIONS’ at Ngee Ann Cultural Centre on 19 to 22 May, organised by the Singapore Teachers’ Art Society. The Guest of Honour for the opening of the exhibition is Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Fun Children’s Art Gallery
The school has created a fun art gallery with creative art display cable system to celebrate our pupils’ artwork from the school year.  This will not only contribute to beautify the natural school compound, it will also offer our pupils the opportunity to deepen their art awareness, appreciate their own artwork and learn from others. 


Colouring Competition at Tampines West Community Club
Our student has won the 3rd prize in the colouring competition at Tampines West Community Club. 

National Dancesports Competition for all Primary Schools

Our student participated for the first time at the National siasm) participated for the first time at the National Dancesports Primary School Competition organised by Edgefield Primary School and had gained good exposure from the experience.

Dance Performance, YOUTHS CELEBRATE @ Gardens by the Bay

The Creative Dance members comprising of 20 students from P2 to P6 were honoured to be able to perform for the first time for Youth Celebrate at Gardens by the Bay, at the Supertree Grove,  on Friday, 19 May 2017!   

We will continue to provide opportunities and platforms for the students to shine!