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Teaching students to attain as high a proficiency in MTL as he or she is capable of, and providing opportunities for students to use MTL in authentic settings through 3E approach: Exposure (Curriculum, Learning Journeys, MTL Fortnights, P4 Cultural Camps, Festive celebrations), Experience (School-based competitions), Excellence (National and International MTL competitions, National showcase of good practices)


For students with ability and interest in study Chinese Language at a higher level, the school introduces Higher Chinese Language curriculum from P2 to develop higher levels of language proficiency and cultural knowledge.  The school’s MTL Fortnights and P4 Cultural Camps provide a wide range of outside-class MTL activities to enable students to learn and use MTL in novel and exciting ways.

  • 2017 MTL Fortnight
  • 2017 P4 Cultural & Language Camp
  • 2017 School-based competitions
  • 2017 Learning Journeys
  • 2017 Festive Celebrations (Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali)
  • 2017 National MTL Competitions