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The English Language department adopts a holistic approach to language learning, with the aim of nurturing competent and confident users of the language. Supporting the department’s vision and mission is a series of programmes, language-experience activities and curriculum approaches, including a key pedagogy known as Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR).



Effective Communicators

Students develop their confidence and oratorical skills through speech and drama, public speaking and debating programmes. They get to showcase their talent through internal platforms and participation in national competitions.



Library and Reading Programme

Cedar has a vibrant library programme which seeks to make books accessible to all students and to develop a school-wide reading culture. The year-long programme includes book and author promotions, genre talks, quizzes and activities, mass borrowing sessions and book fairs. A Reading Support Programme, which includes KidsRead and Buddy Reading, is also in place to help our younger readers level up their reading proficiency. 



English Week & Learning Fest

Introduced in 2012 with the objective of nurturing enthusiastic readers, Cedar’s English Week, currently part of the broader Cedar Learning Fest, is a signature programme in the school’s English curriculum and an annual highlight for students. The themes through the years capitalise on students’ interests and topical issues.

2018: Effective Communicators
2017: We are Publishers!
2016: Great English Writers

2015: Celebrating Local! (SG50 theme)

2014: Print to Screen

2013: Creativity at Work, Language at Play

The programme comprises author talks, grade-level activities, movie screenings of book adaptations, performances, storytelling sessions and book sharing sessions. We are also fortunate to have the National Library Board as our partner for the past few years and they have played an invaluable role in sharing the joy of reading with our students and making books more accessible. Through these, we hope that Cedarians’ love for reading will contribute to their development as effective communicators, both orally and in writing.

2017 Achievements

o   Debating

o    Gifted Education Branch’s Wits and Words 2017 national debate competition

                      • Top 8 (Division 2), Top 5 (South Zone) 

 o    Primary Schools Debate Open 2017 

                      • Good Speaker Award - Harshnita Sivanesan, P5-Adaptability 

 o    Raffles Institution Debates 2017  

                      • Best Speaker of their respective rounds - Alethea Voo Sze Leng (P5-Responsibility) and Jaron Seah (P5 - Courtesy) 

o   National English Writing Competition – essays published in 2017 compilation

                      • Ryan Yeo Xuan Kai, P6-Adaptability
                      •  Laraine Tung Shu Han, P5-Enthusiasm   
                      • Dana Trinity Tan Jiayu, P4-Courtesy
                      • Angel Sam En Qi, P4-Responsibility 
o   International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (English) –   1 High Distinction, 8 Distinctions

Recommended Websites for English Language Learning


This website provides details of the STELLAR approach, tips on how parents can support their child as well as resources such as online games.

2. National Library Board (NLB) 

Within this website, there are plenty of electronic-resources and electronic-books available online for free for existing NLB members. Members simply need to go to the following NLB website http://eresources.nlb.gov.sg/index.aspx and apply online for access.

3. Starfall 

This website provides a wealth of resources for the learning of letter sounds to online stories. It is most useful to the lower primary pupils.

4. Speak Good English 
A local website aimed at promoting the use of good English, with resources and tips for parents and students. 

5. Oxford Dictionaries & Learner's Dictionary