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Inquire, Inspire, Invent


We believe children learn best when they are inquisitive, and we want to provide our students with experiences which build on their interest and stimulate their curiosity about the environment.

As engaged learners, students need to develop their skills and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry and to actively inquire as learners. 



Our students actively participate in a range of activities in the following programmes that facilitates the learning of Science, both in and out of classrooms:

    • Science Toy Making – An integral part of Science Curriculum for Primary 3 to P5 students, students put their understanding of Science concepts into application via the making of Science toys.

    • Recess Activities – students participates in recess activities whilst having fun learning science.

    • School Learning Carnival – students are given opportunities to showcase their understanding of Science concepts and experiments.

    • Learning Journeys – learning goes beyond the classrooms, including science concepts and environmental issues.

    • SHINE programme – selected students are given opportunities to stretch their talents and learning beyond the textbook.  Enrichment lessons such as Science Olympiad trainings are given.


Talent Management:

As part of the efforts to develop our talents and strive for excellence in Science, our students had participated in various National/International Science competitions and some our achievements in 2017 are as follows: 

Achievements for National/International Competitions

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO)

1.         Silver - 1 student

2.         Bronze - 2 students 

Japan International Science and Maths Olympiad (JISMO) 

1.         Ruby Award - 3 students

2.         Emerald Award - 2 students

3.         Sapphire Award - 4 students

4.         Good Effort Award -1 student

ICAS Science

Distinction Awards - 8 students 

Green Education @Cedar Primary

o          Schools Green Audit Award 2017 - Lotus Sustained Achievement Award

o          Certificate of Excellence for the Green Schools @ South East Award 2017

o          Sustainable Lifestyle Challenge 2017 – 2nd in Primary School Category

o          Youth for the Environment Day (YED) 2017

Cedar Primary's commitment to the Environment

We in Cedar are committed to caring and protecting our environment by practising good and friendly green habits as responsible citizens.

o          Energy Conservation: We must try our best to save electricity by all means and not waste it.

o          Water Conversation: We must make a conscious effort to save every drop of water as water is very precious.

o          Environmental Promotion: We must promote good green habits and make them our way of life.

o          Environmental Protection: We must help to protect the environment as this is our only home.



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