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Social Studies

Social Studies at the primary level aims to inculcate in the pupils from a very early age a sense of belonging to the community and country and cultivate the right instincts for reinforcing social cohesion. Incorporating the four disciplines of History, Geography, Sociology and Economics, the subject enables pupils to have a better understanding of their social world in the 21st century which will help them to participate effectively in the society and environment in which they live.


In Cedar Primary School, National Education is very much infused into the Social Studies curriculum. Class-based activities designed to commemorate NE events like Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Day and others are carried out by the teachers during Social Studies periods across all the six levels.


Although Social Studies is a non-examination subject for all levels, assessment will still be necessary to monitor the pupils' progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the Social Studies instructional programme. In Cedar Primary School, we gather feedback on the pupils' learning through a variety of both formal and non-formal modes of assessment. Formal assessment includes worksheets and/or exercises from activity books and other written assignments while non-formal assessment encompasses learning journeys to heritage sites of Singapore, reflection, role plays, interviews, show- and-tell and other relevant extension activities like the Streetwise Wall Murals project, an National Education-Social Studies integrated activity. Unique to Cedar, the wall murals throughout the school allow our pupils to know more about the city life in Singapore and discover for themselves the history behind some of the streets in the country without having to leave the school.