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Character and Citizenship Education

Vision and Mission

To instil values and build the character of Cedarians, engaging them in their heads, hearts and hands so that they can be active contributors to society.

Curriculum and Programmes


Values are taught to our students through various platforms:

The explicit teaching of values during Character and Citizenship Education Mother Tongue (CCE MT) Lessons
Values-based Story-Telling and Presentations as part of the Assembly Programme
Teachable moments
School-based CCE lessons (Values Packages)
Informal curriculum, for example, Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Values In Action (VIA) and specific school programmes like learning journeys and camps.

Social Emotional Competencies:
Skills, knowledge and dispositions that enable students to
  • Manage self and relationships effectively
  • Make responsible decisions

Diagram:  MOE 21st Century Competencies

Social Emotional Learning

In Cedar Primary School, we look into taking care of the holistic development of our students. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of the key strategies for holistic development as we seek to build competencies in our students to develop them into well-rounded individuals.

This is carried out through specific curriculum for SEL: Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP), SEL Lessons, Sexuality Education, Education & Career Guidance, and Cyber Wellness.

a) Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)
Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) provides quality interaction time between form teachers and students, and equip students with social and emotional competencies.

The FTGP concept is illustrated as below:

b) Education & Career Guidance

Education & Career Guidance is a developmental process which facilitates the acquisition of attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable students to better understand themselves, explore viable education and career options, make informed decisions and develop plans to achieve their career aspirations

Click here for link to MOE’s ECG page.

c)  Cyber Wellness

Click here for link to ICT department’s page on Cyber Wellness.


As we focus on building up the character of our Cedarians, we also look at cultivating responsible citizens that will contribute back to society and make a difference, whether they are in school or out in the community.

Various key programmes like CCE lessons, Values in Action (VIA), National Education, Social Studies and Environmental Awareness have been put in place to engage the heads, hearts and hands of the students.
With the NE Review 2017, National Education in Singapore is now anchored on the following citizenship dispositions, which will enable our youth to realise their part in the flourishing of their community and nation:
A Sense of Belonging
A Sense of Reality
A Sense of Hope
The Will to Act

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a) NE Core Events
The following are the outcomes of the NE core events:

                    Total Defence Day 
                    Students know the aspects of Total Defence and how they can play a part in each aspect. Even at their age, their participation                         in Total Defence is important and everyone can (and should) play a part in defending the country.

                    International Friendship Day
                    Students learn about and appreciate other cultures in cosmopolitan Singapore.  We nurture in our students the spirit of                                     friendship and collaboration among different peoples. Students are also guided on keeping an open mindset, and expressing an                     appreciation of the contributions of foreigners working and studying in Singapore. 

                    Racial Harmony Day
                    Students make friends with people of other races and religions. They learn that in Singapore, people are treated equally                                     regardless of their race and religion and students should appreciate the different cultures that make up Singapore.

                     National Day
                     Students build a greater sense of historical importance. National Day marks our separation from Malaysia, and our                                              emergence as an independent country in the community of nations.

b) Values In Action
Service to the school, community and nation, leadership roles and responsibilities, CCAs and group work are important platforms that we provide for our students so that they can live out the school values in the process of serving others and working with one another.

c) Learning Journeys 

As part of the Social Studies curriculum, teachers and students go on field-based learning journeys to extend and enrich their learning. 

Field-based learning allows the students to contextualise their learning experience in an authentic real- world setting, thus enabling the relational learning of concepts and content. Students would also be able to conduct hands-on exploration in a focused area of study, thus being engaged in multi-sensory modes.

Learning Objectives:
Singapore is Our Home
Building Confidence in our Future
Instilling Pride in Singapore's Achievements
Developing An Appreciation for the Past and Present
Understanding Singapore: Its Constraints, Challenges and Opportunities

d) Environmental Awareness

In our effort to teach the students that we all belong to a connected community and to develop them to be responsible citizens, the school has an environmental awareness programme where we commemorate events like Earth Day, Earth Hour, Biodiversity Week and organise termly recycling campaigns where students are encouraged to bring items from home for recycling. We warmly welcome all parents and guardians to join us in this recycling initiative and help cultivate this good habit even