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Vision and Mission

We believe that Art will contribute to the development of:
  • A confident person
  • Aself-directed learner
  • An active contributor
  • A concerned citizen.

The Art Education in Cedar Primary School aims to expose, educate and equip students with the necessary skills to express themselves confidently, as well as to provide them with enriching experiences and equal opportunities to succeed in their artistic expressions.

Aligned with MOE’s aim of Art Education, we also ensure that we enable every child to enjoy Art, communicate visually and make meaning through connecting with society and culture. By the end of 6 years of Art Education in primary school, all students will become Active Artists and Informed Audience who are able to See, Express and Appreciate Art.

Curriculum and Programmes

In Cedar Primary School, we have a variety of art programmes and art module catered to the different levels as shown in the table:

Primary 1 Drawing Colouring Frottage Collage
Primary 2 Drawing and Painting Clay Sculpture Printmaking
Primary 3 Drawing and Painting 3D Pen Sculpture Clay Sculpture
Primary 4 Stop Motion Animation Museum Based Learning Clay Sculpture
Primary 5 Still Life Drawing Photojournalism Land Art
Primary 6 Drawing and Designing Fashion Design Light and Paper Sculpture Post-Exam Activities