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Chinese Language

Curriculum and Programmes

Chinese Language (CL)


CL Enrichment Programmes / Activities:
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations (Term 1)
Through Chinese New Year Celebrations, not only do the students get the opportunity to use the Chinese language in an authentic setting, they are learn more about the Chinese culture and traditions.

Chinese Programme Activity (1).jpg

  • MTL Fortnight and P4 Cultural & Language Camp (Term 2)
The primary objective of MTL Fortnight and Language Camp is to create an immersive environment for the learning of MTL by adopting a more integrated approach in incorporating enrichment programmes into our overall MTL Learning plans for students.

During the Fortnight, we provide platforms for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture so that the students can experience MTL as “living languages”. Students learn to use MTL and appreciate culture through hands-on tasks such as drama, performances, story-telling, language game stations, competitions, talent corners, exhibitions and talks.

Chinese Programme Activity (2).jpgChinese Programme Activity (3).jpg

  • School-based Chinese Language Competitions (Term 3)
  • National Chinese Language Competitions (throughout the year)

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