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Vision and Mission

Every student can learn Math concepts and skills, given time and at his/her own pace

For every student, we strive to develop a mathematical mindset translated into the following behaviour:
  • Focus on learning concepts and skills
  • Apply the concepts and skills in different contexts
  • Persevere and try alternative strategies if one strategy does not work
  • Check for accuracy by coming up with alternative strategies
  • Reflect and learn from mistakes.

Curriculum and Programmes

Our Pedagogy

Gradual Release of Responsibility
Our teachers adopt the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) Instructional Structure with the intent of teachers transiting from assuming all the responsibility for performing a task or solving a problem to students assuming all of the responsibility.

Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach
Math lessons are characterised by students manipulating concrete materials to develop fundamental concepts before the transition to pictorial and then abstract representations.

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Math Trails and Learning Journeys

Math trails and learning journeys provide opportunities for students to apply Math concepts beyond the four walls of a classroom in real-life situations. On Math trails and learning journeys, students are actively and meaningfully engaged. Such trails and journeys motivate and enthuse students to solve problems. In the process, students have more opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers.

Where applicable and relevant, the use of ICT is infused into the curriculum for topics such as graphs, pie-charts and average. Students are also enthused to develop factual fluency in the four operations by engaging in online math games.

Our Enrichment Programme - Math Olympiad Training

To stretch the potential of our P4 and P5 students who demonstrate an aptitude and a flair for mathematical problem-solving, they will undergo Math Olympiad training conducted by an external vendor. These students will then participate in the Math Olympiad organised by NUS High School of Mathematics and Science.