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Programme for Active Learning

Vision and Mission

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is introduced in Primary Schools to balance the acquisition of knowledge with the development of soft skills and the school values.

PAL aims to facilitate the well-rounded development of students in the five learning domains (cognitive, moral, social, aesthetics and physical) and help them to develop social emotional competencies. It also hopes to nurture in Cedarians the 3 Cs, namely, Confidence, Curiosity and Cooperation skills.

Curriculum and Programmes

In Cedar Primary School, PAL is conducted within curriculum time, PAL modules provide Cedarians with broad exposure in areas such as Outdoor Education (OE), Games and Sports - including gymnastics (GS), Visual Arts (VA) and Performing Arts (PA).

Our PAL programme ensures that all its PAL modules entails the 5 characteristics of PAL. They are:
  • Experiential in Nature
  • Encompasses Learning in a Creative Way
  • Provides Opportunities for Children to Create
  • Incorporates Values Education and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Fun and Enjoyable

Social-Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which young Cedarians learn to recognise and manage emotions, care about themselves and others, make good decisions, behave ethically and responsibly, develop positive relationships, and avoid negative behaviours. It is the process through which Cedarians enhance their ability to integrate thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to achieve important life tasks. In Cedar Primary School, SEL can best be accomplished through a layered approach of skills lessons, infusion into the curricula and classroom practices, and an environment of safety, respect, and caring which models SEL values.

PAL Planning Team

1.    Mr Jabbar Jaafar                           PAL Advisor
2.    Ms Nurjannah                                 PAL VA Specialist / ST Art
3.    Mr Daryl Sung Tze Hao              SG PAL Specialist / PAL Co-ordinator
4.    Mr Rizal Aziz                                    OE PAL Specialist
5.    Mr Firdaus                                         PAL PA Specialist
6.    Ms Cindy Chan                                PAL PA Specialist

PAL Exposure

Term 1 2 3 4
Primary 1 Visual Art Games and Sports Performing Art (Music) Outdoor Education
Primary 2 Games and Sports Visual Art Outdoor Education Performing Art (Music)