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Student Management

Vision and Mission

UPSTANDING Leaders who are able to make responsible decisions which uphold the Mark of a Cedarian.

Developing students to be positive role-models through active contribution to the school and the community.

Curriculum and Programmes


Discipline is the bridge between Goals and Accomplishment.’ - Jim John (American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker)

In Cedar Primary School, we strongly believe that discipline is the bridge between our goals and the accomplishment of our goals. Discipline is needed to make the decision to do the right thing, to do the things that take you from your Goal to Accomplishment. Without the discipline to do what it takes, it will be hard to move from goal-setting to the goal-achievement.

Discipline is an educational process of developing students' thinking and moral faculties, as aligned with our school rules and school values of Kindness, Integrity, Resilience, Responsibility and Creativity.

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Hence, we adopts a whole-school, multi-pronged approach by collaborating and communicating with staff, families, partners and external agencies to ensure that a consistent approach is used in developing our students holistically.

STEER Approach

Sense: Understand the student and find out the reasons for his/her actions
Teach: Teach SEL competencies and skills, school values, and 3Rs (Do the Right thing at the Right time Right place) through existing platforms such as Form Teachers Guidance Period, Character and Citizenship Education, Co-Curricular Activities etc.
Connect with the students’ parents / guardians and better understand their family background.
Students learn to take responsibility for their own actions.
Guide and re-orientate students by rebuilding character and restoring relationships.


The Student Leadership Programme aims to develop students with leadership capabilities and the desire to contribute to the community.

The school conceptualised a three-level approach to cater to the developmental needs of all students with differing leadership abilities and potential. This 3-level approach aims to provide more intentional leadership opportunities to all students based on the rationale of grooming leaders to first have competent self-management skills, then create an impact in their classrooms, the school and finally the community.

3-Level Approach in Leadership Development.png
3-Level Approach in Leadership Development