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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are an integral part of the school experience at Cedar Primary School, seeking to nurture interests, develop talents and cultivate a zest for life. CCAs are also part of the holistic, well-rounded education that we seek to provide for our students. They also provide a valuable platform for the development of character and cultivation of friendships, thus nurturing Kind, Resilient, Responsible and Creative students who have Integrity as their foundation.

CCAs also fuel in our students a lifelong love for a particular activity, be it a sport or a musical pursuit. This helps the students to lead a balanced life in adulthood. All CCAs emphasise social interaction but each CCA has its specific objectives. Students who demonstrate a high level of attainment in their CCAs may be selected to represent the school in competitions and performances.

The following are the skills and values that the specific CCAs aim to impart:

CCA Skills and Values
Sports and Outdoor Education CCAs Fair play, team spirit, self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others.
Arts CCAs A sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society
Inventiveness CCA Entrepreneurial spirit, a risk-taking attitude and an appreciation for aesthetics
Uniformed Group CCAs

Discipline, leadership resilience and endurance; useful life skills, such as tent-pitching, outdoor cooking and first aid

Literary, Drama and Debate Club Language acquisition and exploration through hands-on activities, which encourages collaboration with peers
Kindness Club Problem solving and solution implementation to promote kindness within the school and the community

In 2019, our school is offering 16 CCAs in five categories, namely Inventiveness, Sports and Outdoor Education, The Arts, Uniformed Group and Language and Others. P3 to P6 students are strongly encouraged to take up one CCA. P1 and P2 students are welcome to join in the fun as well!

CCAs offered in 2019
  • Future Innovators Programme
  • InfoComm Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Adventure Club
  • Athletics
  • Football
  • Softball
  • Sports Club
  • Art Club
  • Brass Band
  • Ethnic Ensemble
  • International Dance
  • Boys’ Brigade
  • Girls Brigade
  • Kindness Club
  • Literary, Drama and Debate Club (LDDC)

CCA Staff In Charge

Future Innovators’ Programme InfoComm Club Robotics Club
Mdm Lai Tsai Yi
Miss Chan Liying Natalie
Miss Hong Yi Ni Vionna
Mdm Karen Thiang Soo Cheng
Miss Nor Azlin
Mr Foo Yong Chin, Ivan
Mr Tan Teing Sin
Miss Lim Pei Ni
Mdm Norlinda
Mdm Chia Soon Neo Constance
Miss Durrah
Mdm Yang Shuo
Mr Muhammad Naufal

Sports and Outdoor Education
Adventure Club Athletics Football Softball Sports Club
Mdm Faridah
Miss Noor Kamariah
Mr Mohamed Rizal
Miss Quah Li Zhen
Miss Nurul Aqilah
Mr Muhd Jabbar
Ms Yulianty Wibawa
Miss Ong Shu Wen
Miss Jomanda Lau
Mr Jerry Tay
Miss Julee
Mr Ilyas Hakim
Mr Jaleel
Mr Tan Jin Kern Daryl
Miss Nur Azlina
Mr Muhd Jabbar
Mr Chiang Hock Siong
Ms Nisrin
Mdm Chua Ee Ling
Mdm Maimon
Mr Travis Neo
Mr Yeo Teow Hiang

The Arts
Art Club Brass Band Ethnic Ensemble International Dance
Mr Muhamad Zaki
Miss Nurjannah
Mdm Sivarathinam
Mdm Sharon Teo
Mr Mahadi Bin Ramli
Miss Naziha Binte Mahmod
Miss Tee Su Ling Serene
Miss Chan Xinyi, Cindy
Mdm Neo Beng Hoon
Miss Lim Zhi Ru Cheryl
Mdm Norhasimah
Mdm Anita June Purasamy
Mr Muhammad Firdaus
Mr Chan Whye Shiung
Miss Nur Diyana
Mdm Lim Chun Ling
Miss Nurain
Miss Choo Shiao Hui
Mdm Nazira
Mdm Lim Geok Choo
Miss Jeow Mui Hwa

Uniformed Group
Boys’ Brigade

Girls’ Brigade

Mr Tan Wei Qiang Jeffrey
Mr Koh Ri Rong
Mr Daryl Sung Tze Hao
Mr Tan Wei Qiang Jeffrey
Miss Lim Ai Chin Vivien
Mdm Millie Choo
Miss Lisa  

Language and Others
Kindness Club LDDC
Miss Koh Xiuli Rachel
Mis Latha d/o Balakrishnan
Mr Sim Eak Bian
Miss Loo Mui Hui
Mdm Nahidah Begum
Miss Audrey Wee G C
Mdm Anita Bte Abdul Gani
Mdm Narayanan Thanaletchimi
Mdm Nani Rhiani
Miss Vanitha
Mr Him Pon Bin Iming
Miss Soh Yee Hong Eileen