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Information Communication Technology


Communicating Effectively, Thinking Creatively, 

Contributing Actively as Upstanding Cedarians

In the Cyber World

E-Learning Day

The school currently conducts Home-based Learning  (HBL) twice a year. During HBL, pupils are assigned tasks and assignments that encourage self-directed learning and also promotes collaborative learning with their peers. Through HBL, the school is also better prepared to minimise school disruptions in the event of a school closure due to emergencies (e.g. Haze).


Cedar Primary celebrated Safer Internet Week from 6 February 2017 to 10 February 2017. The theme for this year's celebrations is: “Be the change - Unite for a better Internet”. Pupils participated in a wide array of recess activities. Aside from gaining more awareness on cyber-security and cyber-bullying, we hope that the our Cedarians will learn to be kind and responsible users of the Internet. Here are some pictures from this year's Safer Internet Week.


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Fun With Coding 

The P4, P5 and P6 pupils have successfully completed the “Fun with Coding” Programme. They have learnt how to create simple animation clips as well as interactive stories and games which incorporate cyber wellness values such as observing online safety. Some of the pupils’ works were also showcased on the commemoration of Safer Internet Day whereby pupils had the chance to play the games created by the P5 pupils. We look forward to continuing to engage our pupils in the digital environment in a meaningful way.

Cyber Wellness

Cedar Primary School's Cyber Wellness approach is guided by MOE's Cyber Wellness framework.



The first step in inculcating these principles is to create cyber awareness among the pupils. Pupils should be able to “sense” the risks of harmful behaviours online and learn how to manage such risks as well as protect themselves from the dangers. 


To develop pupils’ ability to respond to new encounters in cyberspace, it is important to provide opportunities for pupils to analyse, evaluate and reflect on cyber wellness issues. 


Pupils should eventually translate their understanding into actions that will keep them safe while online. 

One-stop online portal for teachers, studnets and parents-  http://ict.moe.edu.sg/cyberwellness/index.html 


Cybersmart Cedarians


We, the pupils of Cedar Primary School,

pledge ourselves to be safe online.

Regardless of changing technologies and evolving issues,

we promise to be responsible and kind digital citizens.

So as to achieve cyber wellness

and become Cybersmart Cedarians. 

Traits of a Cybersmart Cedarian –

1.     I will not give out personal information such as my address, telephone number or the name and location of my school without my parents' permission.

2.     I will tell my parents right away if I come across any information or content that makes me feel uncomfortable.

3.     I will never agree to get together with someone that I meet online without first checking with my parents.

4.     I will not respond to any messages that are mean or that in any way make me feel uncomfortable. If I receive a message like that, I will tell my parents or teachers right away.

5.     I will be courteous and kind to others while communicating online.

6.     I will stand against cyberbullying and help others by reporting the incident to my teachers or parents.

7.     I will maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle between the physical and cyber world.

For my own well-being, if I sense any risks of harmful behaviours online, I will think carefully, make well-considered decisions and act responsibly in the cyber space.